Saturday, 14 January 2012

Thursday 3rd November 11

Quite a good day... although it started badly with a lot of teenage shouting downstairs, and I had to get up quickly and jump on my bike before eating breakfast and cycle to school with our youngest, who is an excellent cyclist but not yet completely comfortable crossing the one difficult road on his journey to school.  I gave him a couple of suggestions about how this could be made easier and safer, but did go all the way to school with him, and came back via a good big logpile I've discovered.

I enjoyed breakfast.  A lot.  Lovely home-made muesli.  Gill put the washing machine on last night and when she opened it, the stuff was still wet and hadn't washed.  She tried to make the machine work and it just wouldn't.  It has been misbehaving for months.... which isn't surprising as it is over 20 years old.  We'd already done some research about washing machines when it started preparing to die, but now was the time to finish that research and make a decision.  Despite being broke.

So, I rang the Co-op electrical people and bought a £400 washing machine.  It will be delivered tomorrow.  It's an A+++ rated one.

I worked for David at 6pm.

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