Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sunday 30th October 11

I had a quiet morning, keeping out of the way of Gill and the boys who were getting ready to go to Sheffield, to stay with their grandparents, see their Uncle Thomas and their cousins, and take part in Sheffield's 'Fright Night'. I had already agreed to work for David tonight, so I couldn't go.

Also, I was feeling lousy.  A running nose, sneezing, blocked sinuses.  So I had a very sedentary day, and during the afternoon, I decided that I should tell David that I wasn't well enough to work.  However, his phone wasn't answered, so I kept trying.  He still wasn't answering at 5.40, and I became worried that something had happened to him, so whether I was poorly or not, I had to cycle in to see him.
The cycle ride made me feel somewhat better, and when I arrived at David's I wasn't feeling like going home, although I told David that if he wanted me to go I would.  However, he was happy for me to take him to the William Temple Association talk, and he had a nice time. 

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