Friday, 2 September 2011

Tuesday 23rd August 11

A very full day with two Fiddlesticks gigs.  My first was at St Oswald's School in Fulford at 10am, a show to support the Circus Stars summer reading scheme, followed by a free-play session, which went very well.  I had lunch in that library with Jenny the librarian, whom I liked as she and I shared some music tastes, and Elizabeth, the Council Officer who'd booked me for these series of gigs.

I then cycled over Millennium Bridge to Bishopthorpe Library, where I did another 2 hour session, the one hour routine followed by a more-or-less free-play workshop... although I did start each of these free-play sessions with a catching and throwing game.

So I finished the activities at 3.30 and was cycling back at about 3.50, home via Richard (who's also, like me, looking forward to the Galtres Festival this coming weekend) and home to an empty house at about 4.30pm.

Gill and the boys had gone to see the Harry Potter film, as a birthday treat for our eldest.  I went to pick some plums and windfall apples, and carved up the last of the Jargonelle pears for drying.

The rest of the family appeared, and we had a quiche with lots of halved tiny home grown tomatoes in it, and Gill had also made a cake that she'd tried to get to look like a guinea pig.... but with all the candles in its back, it actually looked like a hedgehog.  It tasted good anyway.

I did quantities of paperwork/admin stuff during the evening, plus washing up and fruit preparation, and went to bed well after 2am.

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