Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Monday 29th August 11, Spofforth Gala

Quite an early start.  I got more things... mainly myself, cleaned up, and then went to get my bike, but when I saw that, I decided not to even risk cycling to the station!  So I got a taxi to the station and got the 10.11 to Harrogate.  At Harrogate I got a taxi to Spofforth.  I decided I'd get a taxi more easily from Harrogate than Knaresborough, despite Knaresborough being closer to Spofforth.  Anyway, we had a nice chat, and I got to Spofforth before 11.30, very good timing. 

This gave me space to have a quick wander round the stalls.  I got Gill a present... a box set of watercolours.  I avoided buying some tiramisu which looked very delicious. Then I got changed and on the way out was delighted to see a house martin nest in the porch of the village hall.

I got started just before midday, unicycling round, interacting with people, being foolish but clever.  At 2.30 I did a one-hour show, which went well,after which I did a few balloon models and oversaw workshops.  My taxi came at 4.50 and took me to Knaresborough... more good conversations with the driver.

When I got in to York, I walked to David's... and was accosted by Mark Wallis, who used to be Mr Yellow.  He's selling a large walking globe... did I want it?  I don't think so... transporting it is just one issue!

I got changed at David's and we went for a coffee and met up with a friend of his called Elizabeth, whom I rather liked too.

I walked back towards home with all my gear... and luckily there was a number 10 bus which took me up Hull Road for under £2.

I was exhausted but happy.  Helluvaday!

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