Monday, 10 January 2011

Sunday 9th January 11

A quiet day; highlights were cycling down to Country Fresh, visiting Maria on the way back. Returning from Maria's, I spotted a pile of logs in a friend's garden, someone who'd given me logs in the past. As they weren't in, I put a note through their door asking if they'd be happy for me to take the logs.  A bit later, I got a phone call from Linda, my friend, saying that actually they'd purchased a Morso stove and those logs were very much wanted!  I was delighted, as I think some of my green 'stuff' may have rubbed off on them. 

I also got a confirmation of a Fiddlesticks booking at the end of the month, and I did a load more fruit and the usual round of washing up, logpile building and assorted parenting stuff like taking hot water upstairs for a child's bath.  I really enjoyed Gardener's Question Time on Radio 4 as it was from Bradford and included questions about how to grow various tropical things which don't grow well in Bradford.  So a day with not a lot to write about, but a low carbon day nevertheless.

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