Sunday, 30 January 2011

Saturday 29th January 11

Well I got a lie-in til 10 which was nice, and I planned to go the York Juggling Convention, known as Chocfest. However, I knew that I wouldn't be able to get there til after lunch, as I'd got a few things to do first.  One of the things was to visit a Freecycler called Gary, who works for Andrew Page Ltd at the Raylor Centre on James St, who had offered some pallets, and invited me to go and collect between 10 and midday today. 

So I did that first, and came back with 5 pallets carefully balanced on my trailer, and then Gill asked me to take our eldest to Fulford, to Candy and Eugene's as he's friends with their son.  So we cycled over there, and I had a coffee and chat with the grown-ups before coming home... and I found a large log so I brought that back with me.

I decided that my planned day out to Chocfest wasn't going to happen, but this would mean that I could go to see Anneliese's performance at the Unitarian Chapel. It would also mean that I could chop up the pallets, and some other wood, and continue to build the woodpile next to the front door.  I also visited Country Fresh and Freshways, and met Ivana who was intending to go to the Cabaret Show at Chocfest.  I was tempted to go, but it cost something, so now as we're facing super-austerity here due to the cost of the Steiner School, I decided to go to see Anneliese's show as it was free, and part of the annual Residents' Festival.

So, tea was a butterbean stew that Gill and I had made between us... I'd soaked the beans and cooked them, and prepared a home grown squash and pre-cooked that.  Gill added other veggies, and it was a delicious stew!

And so to town for 7.30; I got to the Chapel on St Saviourgate at 7.15 and was pleased to see my friend Adrian Lovett, who attends the Unitarian Church, and other friends Debra, Keith, Marian, and of course Anneliese, who then performed a whole bunch of poems about the news of 2010.  I really enjoyed this. 

Afterwards I had a glass of wine and some crisps, and chatted to a nice woman called Marnie.  I got home just before 10pm, and helped move the boys towards bed-time, washed up, put apples to dry on the stove, and watched a few videos on Daily Motion.

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