Saturday, 22 January 2011

Saturday 22nd January 11

Got up early because of a phone call... various calls then made to sort out a visit to the Jorvik Viking centre, but as there are assorted kids unwell, this was postponed til February.

I remembered that yesterday I had read my meters and had a long phone call with Good Energy, and got all the household energy use logged, so I added that info to yesterday's blog post.  This is 'concrete proof' that we use quite a bit less electricity and gas than many other households. 

I had a fairly quiet morning as I was working this afternoon so I didn't want to get messed up or smelly. In fact I didn't bother to get dressed, until I put on my Fiddlesticks costume after 2.30pm.

My gig was at 3.30pm at Fulford Social Hall, two children celebrating their fifth birthday, and about 30 other children and between 20 and 30 parents.  The parents had agreed that I'd just do the circus show/workshop and that it would be aimed at the younger children, so I made the show funny and silly rather than focusing on the science or the workshops.  It worked well and I held their attention for 55 minutes.  There was one adult and one teenager who participated and got involved,  and I thanked them afterwards as I always value that sort of input. 

On the way home I found a discarded pallet and balanced that on top of my unicycles on the trailer and gingerly cycled home with that.  There were others I could collect too.

Gill had seasoned the tomato soup I made a day or two ago, and we had that plus a quiche and some of yesterday's pasta made into a salad.

I kept the stoves going, washed up, watched telly, dealt with emails and facebook stuff... a fairly normal evening in the house.

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