Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wednesday 4th August 10

A working day so I had a bath after breakfast, and at 11.15 I set off for Strensall Barracks to perform at the playday.

I took just 35 minutes to get to Strensall and had an hour to have my sandwiches, get changed and get my equipment ready for a 1pm start.

The playday was very well attended... I had an audience of over 40 for my show and more than this wanting to participate in the workshop, which was difficult as I usually specify maximum 20 for a workshop... and the last hour, the balloon modelling show and workshop, I think there were about 70 people in the room.... far too many really! But I'm getting really fast at inflating the '260' modelling balloons... I can do each one in one breath now. The times that I needed a balloon pump are long gone! So I blew up about 50 in 15 minutes and the show went well, although I did have a queue of children at the end wanting a balloon, as they didn't get one or had burst theirs. It was a really tough 3 hours, and I was glad to get paid (charity fee) and cycle home. Got in at 5.15.

Gill had made tea so I had that and then had an hour in the garden. The usual compost management stuff.

Later I had a game of Scrabble with Gill; she won. I also had an intense chat on the computer with Janie AND Joanne, although not at the same time.

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