Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Monday 2nd August 10

An excellent day, hired bikes after lunch and cycled up through the forest to Dalby, stopped at the visitor centre where the boys played for an hour, and then came back down some lovely quiet lanes and tracks on the other side of the valley. This was the highlight of my short holiday.

I had mentioned to Paul and Sue about the cock crowing and apparently, another group of campers had complained as well. So they got one of their friends who has strong hands to come and visit... he always comes when a chicken is ill or getting towards the end of it's life. The cockerel had started as a fairly normal one, with a bit of crowing in the morning, but more recently had been doing it in the night and very persistently in the morning. This change in behaviour and complaints/comments from campers was enough to seal it's fate.

In the evening I took my lads to a pub where they had a good meal which filled them up. However, the chef was overworked and thought that our order of tomato soup and chips plus veg lasagne and chips was just one order for one person, so the soup came first and we had to wait AGES for the lasagne. But when it did come it was appreciated by the now hungry little chap! I just wanted bread and hummus so I didn't have anything until I got back to the tent at 8pm.

When it was dark we went back into the forest to show the glowing wood to Mark, Jamie, Adam and Sophie. We then stayed up til quite late, playing on the rope swing and playing around. Then I had nice chats with some other campers round their fire, the boys put themselves to bed and I slipped into the tent at about 1am.

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