Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monday 30th August 10

Up early as work today. I got washed, breakfasted, all my stuff together whilst Gill ironed my costume and made some sandwiches. Then I went down the garden with Janie and picked some beans, and found some windfall James Grieve apples for her. I got both our bikes and loaded up mine, minus trailer, in a way I'd not done before.

I put both unicycles on the luggage rack with their stems either side of my saddle and their saddles on my cross bar. My bag of sticks etc then went on top of the unicycle wheels, and was bungied on. In my rucksack I had costume, the fun wheels and pedal go. In a pannier I had my canvas bag with sandwiches, journal and No Impact Man (the book, not Colin himself!).

Janie and I cycled slowly down to the station... using the cycle track and then Monkgate and Goodramgate. We got there at 10.45 and had 10 minutes before her Manchester train went, and my Starbeck train left 10 minutes after that.

I was met at Starbeck by a nice and very chatty bloke called John who took me to Spofforth, where the Gala was just getting going. I'd been asked just a few days ago if I'd come and entertain, as the magician who'd been booked was ill. So I was due to do a half hour show at 1.15 and another at 3.15. Between these times I was very busy doing workshops, unicycling round and doing devilsticks really fast to a Samba Band, and towards the end, making a lot of balloon animals. Lots of people said they were pleased to see me back, which was nice.

Right at the end, the treasurer came to pay me and reimburse my train fare. John the chat gave me a lift back to Knaresborough. I got changed on the station platform! I tried to read on the way back but dozed... gigs always wear me out.

I was quite grumpy when I got back as I was really tired but there was fighting, taunting, screaming, crying etc and I lost my cool and swore, which I later apologised for. It took me quite a while to shake off this mood, but at midnight I found the second episode of Ideal on iPlayer and that cheered me up. Bed at 1.30ish.

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