Saturday, 17 July 2010

Saturday 17th July 10

A work day today, had to get over to Huddersfield quite early, so was up well before 8am and then on the bike at 8.25 to get the 8.58 over to Leeds and beyond. I had a quiet journey, reading the latest Resource magazine which arrived a minute before I left. There was a very good article explaining about the different sorts of 'energy from waste' technologies which is very timely, as this is being discussed locally at the moment.

So I was soon in Huddersfield, it takes less than an hour, and I waited on the steps outside the station for someone called Neil to come and find me. He did... but he wasn't driving as he'd had been drinking the previous night, so his daughter Amy was the driver. The event I'd been booked to work at was Meltham Memories, an annual 1940s weekend where lots of people dress up in period costume and remember the Second World War and many of the things which happened. I was delivered to the Wagon and Horses pub in the centre and greeted by Sam, who described herself as Pam's partner, and I'd been told to ask for Pam. Sam said that Pam was dressed as a Wren... and of course in my mind I immediately thought she would be dressed as a small bird.... duh! Anyway, Pam turned up and showed me the road closure they'd organised, with tables and chairs for the children to have their lunch on. I helped move some of the tables and chairs to allow them to see the performance area, and then waited for the first one, supposed to start at 11.30. I had a coffee in the pub and chatted with locals.

At 11.10 I went to get changed and then went to the road closure.... and it was raining. I cannot do devilsticks in the rain... they don't work if wet. Also, asking children to sit in the wet and eat lunch isn't very nice either. So we scurried along to where there was a marquee, and it looked ideal. However, someone else came along saying there was a back room of a hall available, and it would be unlocked in 10 minutes, so we went there and I waited whilst the organisers went to get the food for the kids lunches.

They put the start time back to midday, and by midday I had got myself ready. I hadn't expected to be inside, so I hadn't taken my feathers which only work inside. So I inflated a dozen balloons fully and made 'balancing worms' to allow the show to have easy to balance things suitable for inside use. The children arrived, got their lunch and I started the show once they were all sitting down, finishing at 12.50. Then a repeat performance from 1pm til nearly 2. Both shows were good, enjoyed by audience, performer and organisers. I was given some sandwiches and crisps for lunch, and I went to get changed, was given my cheque and got the bus back to Huddersfield.

I missed the train by a minute and had 30 minutes to wait for the next one. I finished my Resource magazine, and read some NewScientist. On the train I dozed. Quick cycle home via Richard who showed me the Press, and the nearby Spar's Press A-board proclaiming 'call to pedestrianise city centre' or words to that effect. My letter sent in response to Phil Shepherdson's letter hadn't been used on the letters page, but as the basis of an article. As expected, the comments on the website were a mixture of supportive and immature, stupid, offensive rubbish written by idiots hiding their real identity behind names like 'piaggio', 'theendoftheworld' and 'yorkbornandbred'. They seem to take delight in being as offensive as possible. Glad I've got a strong constitution!

I had an hour sitting with the laptop and then spent a bit of time in the garden, but it was a quiet evening. Bed a bit earlier than usual as I've got work tomorrow.

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