Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday 28th February 10

I got up late and didn't do much until going down to Cycle Heaven with Gill's bike (cycling mine and holding hers with one hand... Gill thinks it's dangerous) as somehow several spokes have been broken in her back wheel and need replacing.

I picked up a load of compostables from Country Fresh and came home, had lunch.

The boys had a couple of friends around and they went into the garden.

I had earlier replied to a freecycle offer of a metal dustbin with a lid, from just 2 minutes cycle down the road, and I got a phone call offering it to me. I had explained in my email reply that I wanted it to put wood ash into so that I could offer wood ash to freecyclers from time to time, or use it myself at the correct time of year. So I brought this home on my trailer and I'm really pleased with it. It is a good solid bin with a well-fitting lid, from a couple who are moving house soon. It will get it's first dollop of woodash tomorrow.

A bit later I went into the garden to deal with the compostables and found a lot of damage had been done... a table had been broken, plants destroyed, some lovely fungi on a log had all been bashed off, and other things wrecked and strewn around. This left me depressed.

I don't care who did it but I suppose I just have to live with the difficulties of what children do to things.

I stayed outside, clearing up, until I was asked to come back into the house to help with the situation inside. This was also depressing.

A really difficult evening.

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