Saturday, 20 February 2010

Saturday 20th February 10

Got up at 8.30 as I had to be out of the house at about 9.20, and at the Burton Stone Community Centre before 10, when the family fun day was to get underway. I cycled in costume along the off-road cycle path from St Nicks, past the Rowntree factory and along to Burton Stone Lane, getting to the Community Centre at 9.45. I was allowed to bring my bike and trailer into the Gym where there was a bit of space for me, amongst stalls from various organisations, some of whom had people I knew behind them.

I started by doing some 'meet and greet' at the front door, just saying hello to people who came in whilst spinning my devilstick, and telling them that one of the St John's student helpers would take them to the part of the building they wanted to go to. I only did an hour of this, and then went into the gym and did assorted circus demos and workshops, plus balloon models, pretty continuously until nearly 3pm, when it quietened down. I did manage to have a few minutes for lunch, and chatted to some stallholders.

So, by 3.15 I was cycling home again, and picked up a log from the cycle track where some trees have been pruned and felled, with some logs just left there, specially for me, I think! I might pop back later and get a trailer full. This time I had space for just one, on my pannier rack, as my trailer had unicycles and juggle kit in it. I also stopped off at the log with Oyster mushrooms on it, and picked a few more. I fried these on the stove when I got home, to add to the evening meal.

Gill had been having a mixed day and was glad to see me. She had doctored the pumpkin soup to make it into a stew, with big chunks of potato, and this was well received and much nicer than my plain soup yesterday.

I was tired when I got back, and though I'd wanted to use the rest of the daylight to do stuff outside, I didn't and I just flopped, did my mushrooms and once I'd got changed, filled the woodbasket and did the washing up... and before I knew it, it was dark and I couldn't do that much outside.

Enjoyed 'The Virtual Revolution' on BBC2; I am an example of Homo interneticus as I spend a lot of time on facebook and blogging, reading other blogs and e-newsletters, surfing and catching up on tv and radio that I've missed. Tonight I listened to Farming Today:
on iPlayer, after a facebook friend suggested that I'd be interested in it as it's about renewable energy.

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LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Must say that I truly enjoy BBC prog as well!