Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday 12th February 10

An easy start to the day and I got the 11.20 train back to York. I managed to delete 130 unwanted emails from my sent folder and inbox. And reply to a few which needed replying to... which I saved as drafts and then sent when I got home.

I got in at 1pm after picking up a sack of compostables from Country Fresh. I had lunch and did emails and then went to the St John's Playing Fields, where the grounds maintenance staff had put a large pile of shreddables from some of the other bits of the campus, and told me that the largest chunks wouldn't go through their shredder so I could have them. Yippee!

I got two loads and there is more to get. An excellent local resource. I also did some chainsawing and stacking. I love my outdoor activities...

Gill did a veg stew with the butternut I rescued a day or so ago and pre-baked in the microwave, and she made scones to go with it. It was delicious.

We had a game of Scrabble later and although Gill slept through bits of the game, she still won. Amazing!

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