Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thursday 4th June 09

Came down stairs before 8 and the house felt quite cold... we've had a few warm days and then last night was chilly and this morning was cold, so I lit the stove and prepared to do the washing up. Gill got a phone call from the hospital to say her knee physiotherapist was not in today so her appointment was cancelled.

Managed to get boy 1 out of the house on time but boy 2 was late, and Gill rang up school to say she would be in as soon as possible with him. I have deliberately ceased to get worried or upset by this type of morning. I am generally very very punctual, nearly always arriving early (apart from things which drop off my radar, like this week's Planning Panel cock-up) and I am slowly learning not to project my likes and dislikes, my agenda, onto my children and wife. I just have to let them get on with it.

I did a variety of housework jobs and waited for the post to come, as it promised to contain Charles's Proxy Postal vote which had not yet turned up. And it did, so I filled it in and took it to the polling station, gave it in and placed my vote. I collected a trailer-load of wood from a skip on the way back... with permission of course!

Had a good chat on the phone with Dave Hampton, the 'original' Carbon Coach, about how he does his specialised form of life coaching, and I enjoyed talking to him for the first time. Weird, as I feel I know him quite well, despite having never met him!

Funny old afternoon. I got tea ready as Gill was late returning from town, but had to rush out at 6 as I'd promised to go and sit at a polling station with my Green Party rosette on. There was another Green supporter there when I arrived, Jane, who is relatively new to York, and it was good to meet her and chat for a bit. She'd been there since 4pm and was cold, so left at 6.45ish, and I stayed on for another hour or so. I was surprised how many people grinned at me, or put their thumb up, or just told me they'd voted Green. But we'll have to wait for the count over the weekend to know the results.

Came home via Freshways and collected the usual sack of beginning to rot 'foreign veg' for my heap.

A nice tea... pasta, broccoli, pastie, fruit salad. Felt full and satisfied. Enjoyed 'Ideal' on telly... what a totally surreal programme, hilarious!

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