Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thursday 11th June 09

Bit of a bleary start, but came down to keep the peace as my presence helps calm things down just by sitting quietly near the protagonist/s.

I wanted to know if my brother's new 'tanked out' cellar had survived the deluge yesterday so I rang and it was my Mother 'holding the fort' and looking after my niece who's off school, and my brother and sis in law had gone to London. It was nice to have a chat with her as it's been some time since I've phoned. Apparently the cellar was dry but a gutter had overflowed, water had come down a wall and in through a window frame.

I did lots of washing up and sorted out a vast pile of soya milk cartons, getting them ready to take to the recycling skip at Hazel Court. Gill went to town and I did househusbandy stuff and took it relatively easy. I did pop out to see Gladys, a 'little old lady' neighbour who rings me every now and then and asks me to collect compostables, as she had rung yesterday and wanted to give me some old tools. I was happy with a 3 pronged cultivator thing and a large hoe thing, plus a very antiquated two-person saw. I told her I'd give her a sack of compost as a thank-you. Also answered a query on the phone about bokashi, and will go and visit tomorrow to sort it out.

I got some time outside during the afternoon and when the boys came home, joined in a game, but it takes a lot of effort to 'do' make believe but I think they liked my attempts.

At 7.20 got ready to go to the York in Transition meeting at St Nicks... a good meeting, I have half a dozen 'actions' to do, so better get on with some of them....

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