Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday 17th March 09

Gill woke me up at 9.45... she'd got the children off to school and was just about to get back into bed... and I told her I'd got to be at Monk's Cross by 10.30! I had told her last night, but she was snoozing then!

So, I shovelled down a bowl of brain flakes and muesli and Gill made a sandwich for me, and I set off at 10.05, washed, hair brushed, fed, presentable. I got to Sainsbury's at Monk's Cross just as Luna had finished setting out the Love Food Hate Waste info table. We had rice/pasta bag-clips, to stop foodstuffs spilling out whilst being stored and to stop wee beasties getting in (weevils, psocids etc) and fridge thermometers so fridges aren't running too cold (waste of energy) or too warm (won't keep food wholesome as long), recipes to help people use up spare food, a portion control activity so folks don't cook too much pasta or rice, and, of course, info on composting, wormeries and bokashi. We had a competition called 'spin the carrot' and when this ended up pointing at a section (reduce, reuse, recycle) and a particular foodstuff (bread, fruit/veg/ pasta/rice) punters had to answer how they would, for instance, reduce bread waste, if they were able to come up with an answer, they were entered into a competition to win a compost bin or wormery.

Tips and recipes to reduce food waste - Love Food Hate Waste

I spent til 4pm here, I did have a short lunch break but this is work I really enjoy doing, despite it being voluntary. We spoke to 90 people, did 21 'spin the carrot' competitions, and gave away loads of leaflets, bag clips, fridge thermometers and more. The national research shows the average person throws away a third of the food they buy, but it was interesting to hear that nearly everybody we spoke to said they wasted hardly anything. I think many people have a warped perception of their own lives!

Good chats with Luna, between customers. She's nearly finished this job, and has got a new one with the Co-op with their paper recycling education scheme.

I came home via the cycle track and brought two large branches/tree trunks home, one in the trailer and one strapped to the bike frame.

I chainsawed these up when I got home. Our youngest had a friend round and at 5.30 he needed walking home so I did this, and at his house he showed me a Roman coin he found in his garden recently... I was well impressed, it has a very visible head and legible writing on the other side. Either it's a recently dropped fake OR it's one of the best Roman coins I've ever seen. I suggested to him that he take it to the Yorkshire Museum for an assessment.

Gill made a nice rice and veg tea, with bought felafels and olives.

Not too bad an evening. Did a fair amount of Facebooking.... various stuff including handing over my Facebook page NOT STUPID to the NOT STUPID people! I got there first... they all had a day off yesterday... I started the page on Sunday night as a response to the launch of the NOT STUPID campaign after the premiere of Age of Stupid. There is a list of cinemas where it is opening on 20th March on this page.

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