Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday 21st March 09

Very busy day mostly inside, but enjoyable nevertheless.

First thing I did was to write an email to the people involved in the access issue about York in Transition meetings. I am determined to get this sorted so that we are open to all.

Then a visitor, an ex YorkLETS member signing the bank forms saying she is happy to stop being a signatory to the sterling account. I'll now be able to go to the Co-op Bank on Monday to get this paperwork checked, and hopefully sent off. That will be a big weight off my mind.

Then lunch and a lot of clearing up... I did a vast pile of washing up and prepared lots of fruit for drying... a load more apples (at least 10) and pears (at least 5). However, I enjoyed listening to some William Orbit and Massive Attack on Jango. This website allows you to play almost any music of your choice, and even have your own 'radio station' which you can access, and other people can too, and listen to your favourite bands or musicians. I only got outside at about 4pm. I did some compost riddling and even got some help with sorting out a load of used envelopes from the boys, which was really nice. I was given a sackful by school... and am composting them, but saving the stamps for charity.

Gill made tea, I washed up.

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