Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tuesday 10th March 09

Another fairly nothingy day... late start, time with Gill cooking and chatting, time on the computer, some time in the garden, some washing up, paperwork, collecting my youngest son from school at 3. Actually, this was really nice as we walked back together and discussed daydreams and radio-controlled robots.

At 6.15 set off for the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel meeting despite there being no actual planning applications in, just some replies and the city-wide applications. I emailed round the other members telling them that it wasn't essential that they came, as there was little or nothing to do. Several then phoned me and said that they wouldn't attend. However, there were three of us there and we looked through the paperwork and chatted.

Home soon after 7 and Gill had made a pasta bake, using a load of cherry tomatoes I'd rescued and prepared, and she'd made into a sauce. She cooked some carrots and pasta together, then drained them and put them in a pyrex dish, tomato sauce on top and some grated bread and goats cheese on top, this going in the oven to crisp off... delicious!

A very peaceful evening... very nice!

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