Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tuesday 21st August 07

A late start, which was good, following last night when I got to bed at 2am...

Went to town to pick up my 'Monday' pick up from Out Of This World, as didn't go yesterday. Went via Miller's Yard Healthy Living Centre, to collect two sacks of coffee grounds and halved juiced oranges, and picked up another two at OOTW. Went through Parliament St to go to the Nationwide to reactivate my passbook, but there was a queue and the door was stuck shut, with a notice saying sorry, it's broken and the engineer has been called. I didn't wait!

Home via Martin's, but they'd binned their compostables, so nothing there.

Lunch, and during the afternoon, Gill retired to bed as she was feeling poorly, with a headache and tiredness. I did more outside work, composting and sieving sawdust. Kept on checking the boys, they were happily playing inside. However during the afternoon, took them for a walk to the Co-op to get a Radio Times and a can of baked beans, as that is what they wanted with their home-grown potatoes, which I baked quickly in the micro. Gill got up and she had the rest of the potatoes and beans. I went down the garden and emptied the big 'compostumbler', putting the material in a 'dalek' to mature. Came in and made my tea, home-grown green beans, lightly fried onions... home grown, of course, a reject yellow pepper, all done on the woodstove, some potatoes from yesterday, and yesterday's reheated cheese sauce. A bit of a mish mash, but filling and tasty.

Watched ITV's 'Undercover Mum' with my eldest son, after we all watched Adam Hart Davis explaining cosmology, which was good.

Then a long session dealing with emails and some good chats with K in America, planning our time together.

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