Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sunday 19th August 07

Another lazy morning, this feels like a real summer holiday!

Spent some time in bed after breakfast, Gill listened to The Archers and I read NewScientist, then I watched Countryfile and did some writing. Also did some 'blog management' to make my blog more interesting and usable.

Left the house at midday to go to help at a York Rotters stall at 'York Pride', the annual Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender event in Rowntree Park. When I got there, it was still being set up, a bit late as the gates had been opened late, but it didn't take long. It was a tiny event compared to the Green Festival, and all placed up in the bandstand area. However it was a fun and goodnatured event, and I met quite a few people I knew, and our Rotters stall was well-visited and we gave out lots of advice and leaflets.

I met the partner of a friend who's involved in the Yorkshire Terriers, Yorkshire's Gay and Lesbian Football Club. Had a good chat with him and the issues surrounding sexuality in football. Apparently there are no 'out' footballers in the main football clubs and therefore there are several 'gay-friendly' clubs over the UK. The Yorkshire Terriers are working with mainstream clubs to try to get gay footballers accepted in the same way that black footballers have been more accepted since the 'kick racism out of football' campaign started. Interesting subject, I've not had such a long conversation about football for ages!

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