Friday, 24 August 2007

Friday 24th August 07

A good day, although exhausted as a late night last night and an early start this morning.

Up early because I had a gig in Scarborough, got the 10.08 train, the non-stop, and sat next to a cricket and real-ale fan, who's hobby is visiting Wetherspoons pubs, as apparently they often convert old churches and other buildings, 'quite sensitively', according to my informant. Discussed Black Sheep Brewery, but as I'm not well versed in Cricket or beer, I ended up reading my NewScientist.

When got to Scar, my pick-up was late, but after a 10 min the 4x4 arrived and we went out to the venue, I got changed and was in full Professor Fiddlesticks regalia when the birthday boy arrived. There were over 30 young children, average age 5, so it was not particularly easy, but it went well and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

I had been asked to get myself back to the station, so I asked for my host to ring me a taxi, towards the end of the balloon show. Unfortunately, the traffic was really heavy, and the taxi was late arriving, and I missed my 2.47 train, had to wait an hour but had a good strong coffee and wrote some of my paid blog which I want to get in early.

More good chats on the train, a young couple with a 10 month old baby.

Visited Out Of This World to do my Friday pick up on the way through town, and got back after 5pm.

At about 8 went down to Martin's compost generator to pick up 2 boxes and a bag. Simon came along as he popped in to visit just as I was leaving, so we cycled along together chatting.

Busy evening preparing for holiday, our summer holiday!

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