Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sunday 11th December 11

A really good day... mainly because I got to spend quite a bit of it outside!

I cycled down to Country Fresh to do some shopping and pick up compostables... just one sack today!  But I did a couple of hours compost heap loading and tidying up in the garden, including rescuing the last of the small-but-tasty apples from the £6 Radio Times tree, which has become a really good cropper.  The birds like them too!

I got ready for tomorrow's tree work, finding a rope to pull the tree the right way away from David's pergola, and checked my other tools, sharpened my chainsaw blade.  My only worry is that the ladder David has won't be nearly long enough.  I'm considering taking mine.... on my bike!  Could be fun!

During the evening I washed out 4 little tiny glass jars to fill with red pepper paprika for the Stables teachers' Christmas present, and 4 jars of dried pears, all containing exactly the same number of pear halves.  We are donating these as we can't afford to give money for a seasonal present.

Gill did lots of cooking... including 4 lemon cakes... which meant that I had loads of washing up to do.  Watched a moving documentary about the Japanese tsunami.

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