Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tuesday 13th December 11

Well quite a good day, with a fairly leisurely start, a bit of work outside and then, after lunch, a cycle out along Tadcaster Road in the wind to see Edwina, and her garage conversion... now her living room!  Her garden, too, is looking a bit different, with a new raised bed, paths with slate chippings, a decking area with a pond, and a conservatory on the back of the house.

We had a coffee and a good chat and catch-up. I didn't stay long as the weather was looking like getting worse.  I flew home with the wind behind me, going over Millennium Bridge and through the Barracks to pick up some logs.  I chopped up the sticks delivered yesterday evening by my gardener friend, using loppers, and stacking them in wooden fruit trays.

I then watched a bit of a cycling video with my son, and Gill came in with our younger son, and we had a happy harmonious evening.  I sorted out yet more pears for drying, and enjoyed a programme on Leonado da Vinci.

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