Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Thursday 1st September 11

Quite a chilled day, did quite a bit of planning for some future events, both Professor Fiddlesticks and my eco-alter-ego, John the fruit press owner.  Quite a bit of emailing and phoning.

I did go down to see Richard at Country Fresh and picked up several sacks and boxes... and then came home to deal with the materials.  I unloaded a cylinder tumbler of finished compost into two plastic sacks and then reloaded the tumbler completely full of fruit and vegetables, plus hay and wood-shavings from the guinea pig bedding.

I gathered some windfall pears and apples to dry on the stove tonight, and picked a few hazelnuts that Gill had missed.

Later in the evening, after celery soup, cous cous and fresh tomatoes still warm off the plant, Melody and her children came round, as we're doing a Suma order soon.


Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I am a noobie composter and I was wondering why you choose to us use a tumbler for your compost? What benefits does a compost tumbler give you? Thanks.

Compost John said...

Tumblers are good at keeping compost aerated. However, their disadvantage is that many of them are batch composters, so you fill the tumbler and then turn occasionally or regularly, but don't add more materials during this time.

I use a Compostumbler to 'pre-treat' a batch of food waste before putting it into a 'dalek' sit-and-wait composter. I have a SunMar CompostFlow which is quite good, and a Envirocycle tumbler, which is quite good but small. The cylinder composters are the simplest in some ways but are difficult to turn when they have rotted down.

So there are some benefits and some difficulties.