Saturday, 10 September 2011

Friday 2nd Sepember 11

A rushed start to the day.  Last night Gill had asked what time I needed to get up.  I said how about 7.30 as I should leave the house at 8.30 to be in Pocklington at 9.30 to start work at 10. She set the alarm for 7pm.  Yes. PM.  So the alarm didn't go off. We woke at 8am.  Therefore I had to get breakfast, pack my bike and get going as soon as possible... I left the house at 8.43, and cycled without stopping to Pocklington, which is about 11.5 miles, and this took 65 minutes.  I had time, just, to get changed, slurp a coffee and start my POP Club entertainment on the dot of 10am.  Phew!

So, I had just under 20 youngsters and I did a show with bits and bobs of workshop, then a free-play workshop.  Then it was lunch, followed by more free-play workshop, and then I prepared for the balloon modelling workshop.  It all went really well.  I was ready to go home at 3pm, and took 70 minutes to get home.

Then after a rest I had to sort out the coconut problem.  I'd asked the guys at Freshways if they could sell me a sack of coconuts, for the Green Party coconut shy at the Peace Festival.  They said yes, come and collect on Friday afternoon.  Then yesterday, I'd popped in and said Eugene would be collecting it.  Anyway, when I got in this afternoon, I got a bit of a garbled message about Eugene not getting the coconuts.  So I cycled down there at about 5, hoping to simply pick it up, take it back home, and get back down to David's for 6pm.  But nothing is ever quite that simple.

They had no coconuts in, but knew a chap who did have a sack for sale.  They rang him up, and said I'd be round soon, and gave me his address and phone number scribbled on a slip of paper.  So I followed the address given and ended up in Fulford, knocking on the door of an empty house.  So I used my mobile and rang the chap... he was in Kilburn Road, off Fulford Road, not ON Fulford Road.  I cycled back towards town and found his house.  He was someone I know a little bit... he'd bought the nuts for a coconut shy a week ago an hadn't used them.  I purchased them.  Then I got a phone call.  It was David.  Where was I? I was supposed to be with him at 6pm, and it was now 6.30pm.  Oh dear.

I bombed into town and met up with David who wasn't too bothered about my being late.  We went out to City Screen and had a nice social time, meeting two of his friends.

Eugene came round at 10pm to collect the coconuts.

A long day!

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