Saturday, 3 September 2011

Friday 26th August 11, Galtres Festival

The day started off well, with pasties for breakfast!  Soon I got going and got more pallets and started to build the second bin.  I got some cardboard and lined the first one and started to fill it with a few paper plates and assorted biodegradables.  The site got progressively busier and busier, and officially opened to the public at 4pm.

I got my assorted wristbands... one saying I was over 18, so I could buy alcoholic drinks, one saying I had a weekend ticket, the other saying I was a performer and could therefore go to the backstage area where I was camping, and of course, making the compost bins.  I was given 5x £15 beer and food tokens, two for the two days I was working as Professor Fiddlesticks, and three for the three days I was working as a waste management person.  The books of tickets are a good idea, I think.  Each £15 book has 10x £1.50 tokens, which can be exchanged for drinks and food.  So a pint of beer or cider is two tokens, most meals are 2 or 3 tokens, apart from the pizzas which are 4. When the retailer has collected a big pile of these tokens, they can cash them in with the festival organiser, who gives them 80% of their value... with the remaining 20% going to charity.  There are little cabins where the books of tokens can be bought.  I met one caterer who didn't like the 'multiples of £1.50' idea, and about 5 who did.  One caterer had produced their own 50p token to give as change for one meal which they had worked out was worth £2, with the 50p token spendable at their stall. 

It rained and rained.  The site got very muddy. But it was good to be at a festival again.

Today's highlight was the cider and perry tasting.  I can't remember what happened after that.

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