Friday, 2 September 2011

Monday 22nd August 11

A late start and my first appointment was at 2pm, to go and see Ginny's wormery.  She'd wondered if it was working properly, and had asked me to see if it was OK.

It wasn't OK.  The tap at the bottom was blocked and the contents were saturated and anaerobic and quite unpleasant.  I asked if she had a wheelbarrow and I put all the contents in that, so I could sort out the tap at the bottom.  I dug it out with my hands and there were almost no worms, and yes the tap at the bottom needed blowing through and washing out with clean water.  I put a bit of twiggy matter at the base, on top of the plastic grid, and then gently put handfuls of the partly composted material back in, trying to ensure lots of air spaces to allow adequate drainage.  I added the worms I'd brought with me and found that Ginnie's compost bin was absolutely full of them, so I added some of these too.  Hopefully the bin will now work.

Ginnie had some bits and bobs of wood sitting in an outhouse and she wanted rid of them, so I loaded my trailer up and slowly cycled home.

During the evening I had two meetings to go to.... the Cosy Homes meeting and a planning meeting for the Galtres Festival with Mary Passeri, who's co-ordinating the kids entertainments, it seems.  So I popped in on the Cosy Homes and chatted with Kit, then after 20 minutes, cycled to the Ackhorne where I was pleased to meet Adrian Spendlow and Steve the Drum and later, Catherine the storyteller arrived, plus baby.  The courtyard filled up with a vast number of people who are part of Chilli Bon Bon, a theatrical group composed mainly of people who work at Brunswick Organic Nursery, a supported workplace. 

I filled in my papers that Mary had brought and discussed a few bits and bobs... and then when the Chilli Bon Bon crew threatened to sing, I made a swift exit.  I went back to the Seahorse to see if the Cosy Homes meeting was still happening and it was just finishing.

So a busy day.

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