Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wednesday 26th January 11

A paperwork morning; I'd found a missing booking letter in my diary/journal whilst looking for the info for the RSA Harrogate event, so I penned a reply and cycled it over to the Malton Road area.  I popped in on John Bibby too, whilst I was in the area, and he invited me to chop up a big log he's had outside his house for years.  I'll do that when he invites me to go and spend the day doing it.

Then bombed into town to pay in a composting cheque and pay our annual gas and electricity bills.  I came home via Country Fresh and said hi to Richard and got home in time for lunch.

After lunch I got the second bike sorted out, so our eldest could cycle down to the Steiner School with me, get some exercise, and I'd take the youngest's bike on my trailer (he went to school in a taxi with Gill) and we'd cycle back.  This worked well... there were no problems getting there and coming back was even easier.  I picked up a pallet on the way back and when home, did a bit of chainsawing to chop up this and another pallet, and chop some logs too.  Did some stacking until it started to rain.

Gill got an offer of a ticket to see The King's Speech with Melody, so I got the children sorted for bed.

Still feeling emotional about Mozaz, but pleased to see his friend Sam has set up a website in his memory, with it's first purpose to help co-ordinate his funeral.

Gill came back having enjoyed the film and had a good night out, and used the day rover bus ticket she got when returning from the Steiner School this morning.

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