Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday 12th January 11

Up early as Ali's daughter had to go to school and I was sleeping in the living room, and Ali's PA arrived at 7.30am to get the little girl up.  So I woke to CBBC.

But Ali and I had to get going quite early too.  We had our first PA/Carer and Playworker interview to conduct at 9.45, at the Friends Meeting House in the centre of Sheffield.  One of her existing PAs came with us and we divided up the questions between us.

We interviewed 3 applicants before lunch and went to Blue Moon to eat.  We had a fourth after lunch.  Four really good and different applicants, all of them able to be offered work under Ali's Direct Payments scheme.  This means she and her daughter (who also has care needs) are assessed and allocated a budget which they can spend on care more or less how they want.  But this also means that Ali is responsible for advertising for and recruiting carers, and today was the end of the latest round of that process.

So it was a fruitful day and I came home tired but happy that Ali had got more carers, and her daughter has a playworker who will help her with her needs.  I was happy with a cheque for the hours I'd worked.  And some logs from the journey home. 

And then in the evening I had a good chat with a friend using the new Googletalk voice messaging service, which is a bit like Skype, but perhaps not quite as good quality sound.

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