Thursday, 20 January 2011

Wednesday 19th January 11

Oh a late start... not surprising due to the late finish yesterday.  I should try to get out of this nocturnal habit!

However, once I was up I had a reasonable day, although I missed meeting Oddny who was (maybe) visiting York to see the Quilting Museum, and I'd forgotten that she was visiting until lunchtime today so I bombed down to the Museum, arriving about 15 minutes before the time she said she'd be leaving... but she wasn't there.  Ho hum.  I picked up some sticks on the way home and when I got in, my eldest took a break from school work and helped me chop them up and stack them in fruit boxes, and then carry some bigger logs round the back to stack them.  I do enjoy it when he helps!

I did quite a bit inside today, various email-based things, sorting out some future meetings, putting things in the diary, and had a phone call about the Waste Food Feast which might be gaining momentum.

At about 5 I cycled off in the lovely pink sunset to Country Fresh and got some fruit and veg for us, some bits and bobs for Debbie, and had a laugh with Shirley who was itching to get off work as her football team had a big match this evening.  I picked up a good load of recyclables too.

I tried not to have a late night.  Not sure I succeeded...

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