Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tuesday 11th January 11

Up early as one of the boys needed their fingernails cutting.  So, after this a peaceful morning, and I decided to get outside and do some tidying.  However I heard a chainsaw and went looking for it, and found some small branches taken down in Hull Road Park where a new sewerage storage tank is being installed, so I took them, but the chainsaw noise was from elsewhere.

I went in the other direction and tree surgeons were pruning and felling several trees and were happy for me to take 6 or 7 trailer-loads of ash logs before lunch.  Excellent!

Had a good phone conversation with my new facebook friend from Tunbridge Wells, who's a senior policeman.  He'd offered to give me some advice about the chap who's tricked various people out of money.  So now I know that if fraud and dishonest intent can be proved, then it is not a civil matter but a criminal one.  So I'll relay this to the victims I know about and hopefully the man can be stopped from taking advantage of kind-hearted and generous people again.

I got the water hot enough for a bath.  The bath was lovely.  I got myself ready to go to Sheffield as Ali has asked me to step in and do a PA session and then help her at new PA interviews tomorrow.

Our youngest came home happy having done woodwork! 


IAP said...

Ash logs! Lovely. And it's the time of year for those slices of log used for xmas tree bases. Or am I the only one that collects those?

Compost John said...

Yes, Ash is either the best wood for burning or one of the best. My personal favourite is hawthorn, very well seasoned, as it burns so incredibly hot.
And yes, I look out for ex-Christmas throw-outs. If there's a base, I stack and season it, and the tree itself is chopped up, bagged in a potato sack and left to dry. It makes good kindling, despite initially being smokey. On some occasions I've shredded and composted the twiggy bits.

So, what's your favourite wood? Do you have a stove?

IAP said...

Yes, I have a Morso Squirrel in the living room. It's just a nice size to slot into a victorian fireplace once the fireback has been removed.
I lot of the wood I get comes from tree surgeons who dump it with woodchip at the allotment site. Some of it is fruit wood (apple, ornamental cherry) but most of it I'm not able to identify. Leylandii burns surprisingly well, but is very resinous to cut.
I sometimes get some nice oak panelling from skips. Now that does burn well.