Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wednesday 15th September 10

Up far too early and could have done with a lie-in.  But with kids to deal with, no chance of that today.

I spent some of the day attempting to write something for the election leaflet but got some sort of block.  At 10.30 I set off to see my friend Kate, who'd requested my expertise in a couple of areas of my degree training, Environmental Health.  We had a nice 90 minutes together, talking about vermin, and how to remove and prevent, about heat loss from homes, chimneys and door frames, architectural salvage and woodstoves.  I was happy to consume a scone with jam and a coffee... and as always, enjoyed her company.  On the way home I stopped off at a chemist for Gill and then Cycle Heaven for a couple of replacement bits, and then called in on Alligator for some recyclable resources.

Home for a late lunch, after which I did some pruning of shrubs in the front.  Once the children were home, I had 2 hours nap, which was nice but I got up just before 7 so I could go to the Green Party meeting at 7.30 in town.  I didn't have time to eat.

The meeting was good, met an energy expert who is keen to stand in the 2011 elections, and we discussed some sections of the manifesto, a lively debate.  I signed a document to allow the use of the Green Party logo against my name in the forthcoming local By-Election.

I made a meal when I got home.  I had a Freecycled sachet of ready-cooked rice, home grown courgette, tomato and hazelnut, all done in a stir fry on the woodstove.  Lovely.  My sister invited me to help her run a Ceilidh in Sheffield on Sunday night, so I spent some time trying to work out the logistics of that, as I'm working til 4pm that day in York, so it's do-able!  Still didn't manage to write the election leaflet...

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