Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Monday 13th September 10

Got up before 9am and got going after breakfast and email/facebook session... but then had to concentrate on the forthcoming election, as I have to get papers in as soon as possible.  So I looked all through the Register of Electors which Andy, my Election Agent had sent me, and found about 25 people whom I either knew or thought that would sign my form saying they were happy for me to stand.  This doesn't commit them to voting for me, or voting at all, but it does mean that they shouldn't sign someone else's form!

Over lunch I sorted out some more plums... they don't last long when sitting in a bucket with I don't know how many other plums, and quite a few were well on the way to compost.  Sad, but I've been too busy to deal with all of them.  But I filled another cake rack with halved and skinned plums, and balanced this over the warm woodstove....

During the afternoon, I popped round to a couple just round the corner, and explained that I wanted to ask them a favour but I wouldn't be at all offended if they said no.  They were happy to fill in my form, and then we chatted about politics, lifestyles and all sorts for quite a while.  Then I went looking for another two who live close by but neither of them were in.

A bit later I went out on my bike and got the next 7 that I needed (Gill was my proposer, and 10 are needed).  This included a lovely old gent of 89 who was very pleased with some company, two Green Party members, a young chap who'd helped with the Green Festival, one of my neighbours and a friend who is politically active but I'm not sure she's a Green voter!

So I was done, all filled in, and this meant that I could take all the forms down to the meeting about the proposed incinerator.  My agent said he'd be there towards the end.

The meeting was really interesting but when I got back home I had internet connectivity problems and ended up typing my blog out on Gill's laptop.

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