Sunday, 19 September 2010

Saturday 18th September 10

I woke at about 9.50 and realised I was supposed to be at St Nicks at 10.  Whoops!  So I quickly got washed and dressed, shovelled down a pile of bran flakes and muesli, and got to St Nicks at about 10.25.

Fortunately, people were still gathering and Edwards York in Transition workshop about Eco Renovation hadn't started. So I chatted with Peter and JayZee, and within a few minutes there were 10 people sitting down to listen to Edward's presentation.  He explained how he came to write his book, and then briefly went through each section, covering a few areas in more detail.  There were some good discussions.

Afterwards I chatted with someone I knew from years ago, Anne Leggett, who's getting involved in a project to make the local pond more 'community friendly'.  We had quite a long conversation.

I came home via a log pile and Freshways, the chemist to get a tidy-looking covering for my forehead and the Co-op for cereals.  After a late lunch I had a busy afternoon in the garden, and just before 5pm cycled down to Country Fresh where Rich had several boxes for me, just before he closed.

I came back and had a bath, Gill carefully washed my hair as it had iodine in it, from the operation.  I'd been told not to get the wound wet.  Then at 6.30 I zoomed off to Clements Hall where Isobel had organised a surprise 60th birthday party for Hugh Bernays, her husband.  I've known Hugh and Isobel for 20 years or so, and I'm very fond of them both.  Their children knew me as Professor Fiddlesticks from when they were very young... but Emily, the eldest, is now a beautiful young woman and working as a hotel receptionist.

I took Hugh a jar of my best dried apple rings and one of Gill's home-made cards.  As the time came for Hugh to arrive I got a bottle of bubbly (all with Isobel's blessing, of course) and a couple of minutes after the shout of 'SURPRISE' and the singing of Happy Birthday, I poured him and Isobel a glass.  Then I headed for the food!  Yummy party food!  I chatted with loads of people I knew, and met a few people I didn't.  I was very pleased to see Andy Chase, Simon Brerton and Pauline, all of whom have been involved with the Clements Hall project.  I met the architect.  Andy gave me a short tour.  I got on well with Hugh's brother Peter, and he's coming to visit on Monday afternoon.  I specially enjoyed listening to David Ward Maclean singing.  Then Don Walls with some poetry.  When the birthday cake came in, instead of a speech, Hugh played a tune on his Jews Harps, and David joined in with singing, and Milladio with the tomtoms.  It was lovely!

But I left at about 9.40 and got home, had washing up to do and fruit to dry. And work tomorrow.

However, last thing I made a big pan of carrot soup with waste carrots, and left it on the woodstove overnight.

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