Saturday, 25 September 2010

Friday 24th September 10

Got up before 9 but didn't get dressed til after 11.  But then I got up and did a bit of work outside, mainly in the pond-to-be area, and came in for a late lunch at 1.30.  But that didn't leave much time for my gig which started at 3pm, quite near, just off Heslington Road.  But I had a quick shave and bath, hair wash, and then packed my trailer and set off at 2.45, so I was there before 3.

The event was for York Housing Association, to celebrate the new housing development in Alne Terrace, Apollo Street and Horsman Avenue.  I went in costume and was therefore able to unload my trailer and get onto my unicycle withing 2 minutes.  I did quite a bit of unicycling whilst devilsticking as assorted photographers wanted a picture of the event with the new housing behind. When they were done with me I wanted more interaction and took my balloons into the marquee and made animals for the children and some of the oldies.  I also cornered some of the HA staff and made them balloon models too...  Towards the end of the event I ran a juggling workshop and worked with a woman who knows Edward Harland well, and has connections with CAT, so we got on well.

People started drifting away at 5ish and Sue said I could stop, despite being booked 3 til 6.  I popped into Country Fresh round the corner and picked up a box of goodies and some fresh veggies which when I got them back to Gill, she was incredibly grateful as she was at a loss at what to make for tea. 

In the evening I did an immense pile of washing up and yet more fruit slicing for the drying racks...

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