Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tuesday 13th April 10

A meeting in town this morning and then put a cheque in, and then at 11ish over to Kate Lock's house with the apple tree I took out a couple of days ago. I was really glad that Kate wanted it, and it seems that Kate is really glad to have it.

I had a coffee and chat, then dug a hole for the tree, planted it, helped Kate riddle a load of compost in the Rotasieve I lent her yonks ago, had another coffee, and cycled back with the Rotaseive, via Country Fresh and then St Nicks, where I found out that I would be welcome to sort out their display compost bin a bit later in the day.

So, cycled home, lunched and at about 3pm, cycled back to St Nicks with the Country Fresh stuff and a sack of sawdust. I dug out the Komp compost bin out and cleaned the perspex panel, and refilled the bin with new material.... layers of fruit/veg and sawdust. I also 'seeded' the stuff with a few worms....

But, best of all, I took some photos with Gill's camera, see below!

This is the Komp as it looks in anybody's garden, apart from perhaps the brick base, but that's a rat-deterrent.

This is the way these bins are secured shut, with a plastic rod keeping the interlocking panels together.

The door open, revealing the perspex sheet and the internal 'workings' of a compost bin, with finished material at the base and fresher stuff on the top.

Here's the back panel removed and I'm digging out the contents.

The bin, emptied and washed down.

The bin being refilled with shop 'resources'.

Close-up of the layers of material newly put in.

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