Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday 4th April 10

Woke late, Gill woke with a start, with cramp in her leg. Poor her.

I needed to get going by 11am, as my train was at 11.43, and I needed to get tickets.

I got into Malton by just after 12, and walked up to the Hyde Park pub, who had booked me for a 1.30 til 3.30 gig. It took about 15 minutes to walk up there with my rucksack (costume, feathers, two wheel and four wheel unicycle things) a sports bag of sticks, diabolos and balls, 'handbag' of diary, journal and reading matter, and two 'proper' unicycles.

I met the publicans, and they gave me a coffee, and I went to sit outside to read the latest copy of Positive News, coming in for just after 1pm to get myself into costume and my gear all ready for the show.

Shows in pubs are always difficult. They are noisy places, and rarely have enough space... and today was no different, although I had a good varied audience of 20 to 30 youngsters and some grownups. Despite the less than optimum conditions, I ploughed on with the routine and managed to get the hour done. I then prepared a whole unicycle-wheel's-worth of modelling balloons and attempted a workshop... again, far from easy but I think most participants enjoyed it. There was no chance to win the demonstration models at the end, far too disorganised and chaotic, also, a disco was starting up at the other end of the pub. But everyone who wanted a balloon animal got one. I finished just before 3.30 and got changed, got paid and walked back to the station.

An uneventful journey back to York, reading Resource Magazine, and got back home soon after 5pm. I'd have liked to do some work outside but I just flopped, only enough energy to light the stove and get hot water for washing up.

Our eldest was back, having had a really good day on the East coast, and we all watched Professor Brian Cox with the last episode of Wonders of the Solar System. A really good series.

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