Monday, 19 April 2010

Monday 19th April 10

I had a bath at 2am and went to bed at 3.

A good day, woke slowly and had a relaxing morning doing not very much and at lunchtime I summoned up enthusiasm to go onto the website I'm trying to write, to edit some stuff and add some more things to the maps.
I added the bit I wanted to, but found the maps had been edited and the things I'd spent ages getting right had disappeared. So I gave up, and wrote to the other people involved and asked for a tutorial.

I was left feeling a bit down about this and needed to get outside... Gill asked me to go to the Co-op for us. I got what we needed there and met a friend who was looking very jolly. We passed the time of day and he told me he wasn't living at home anymore, he had moved in with his fella. And, they had agreed to get married! I didn't know he was gay but I wasn't surprised, and asked him to make sure I was invited when they have their civil partnership celebration. This news cheered me up immensely, I am so pleased for him.

After this I popped down to Freshways and then back, to load up Robin's home-made tumbler composter for the second time, and to cut a hedge which has got very overgrown... and then shred all that material.

So, a fairly quiet day, got enough done during daylight hours, and in the evening took two Fiddlesticks bookings and also got confirmation of an invite to a Radio York Question Time thing on 26th April. I've got to write two questions and send them in... My first question is 'Why isn't the Green Party represented?'

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