Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wednesday 2nd December 09

Up quite early to get ready to have the solar panels in tomorrow, and go to the BBC studios this afternoon to appear on Look North after the little film comparing my low carbon footprint with Adam's higher one.

So Gill and I got busy in the loft.. I emptied the filing cabinet and moved other paperwork, Gill started dismantling a large metal framed shelving unit.

But then we got a phone call from the builders/installers. The stuff will be delivered tomorrow (or Friday?) and the builders will install it on Monday.

And then I did my emails and got an email from Anna Crossley who was the person in charge of filming me and interviewing me about the carbon footprint thing... I'm not needed in the studio this evening, as the presenters Harry and Krista are doing the carbon calculator instead.

This is a mixture of a disappointment and a relief. We continued sorting out rubbish. I made some tomato soup. I cycled down to Country Fresh to get a bit of veg and brought back that plus some rejects.... which included yet more tomatoes. I'll make a bigger soup... I might have surprise guests, who knows?

Gill did a stir fry with spring rolls... really good!

At 6.30 I watched Look North on Yorkshire and was pleased to see the little film about my cycle-based transport and Adam's car habit. Good stuff, it was well edited together and I'm happy with how I was portrayed.

A mellow evening, helped by a small glass of home made wine which didn't quite get into a bottle.

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