Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday 8th December 09

Up early again as we've a second day of plumbing going on, to get the solar panel sorted.

Today as it was better weather they hoisted the panel up a pair of ladders, one chap pulling it up with a rope and one on each ladder pushing it.

We kept them well supplied with cups of tea, and coped with the water being off for parts of the day.

I spent a lot of the time inside, not sure exactly what I achieved... I did do some stacking outside the front door and also visited Country Fresh and the usual round of housework... but nothing particularly notable.

The solar panel was put on the roof and plumbed in, and the little photovoltaic panel fixed on which drives the pump, one of the selling points of this system for us... no plugged-in pump whirring away using I don't know how much electricity every day, rather defeating the object of the exercise.

I went to the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel at 6.30... there were four of us there but just one planning application which took no more than 20 minutes to do so I was soon back and had a bowl of delicious soup, as well as a weird omlette thing made mostly with vegetables left over from a day or two ago. Very odd... but filling.
A quiet evening, spent mostly on the computer.


Anonymous said...

Looks good, I am jealous.


Anonymous said...

Is it all finished and working, then John?

Speaking of solar panels.........!

(Ring you soon!)


Anonymous said...

Great Blog John. I've just had my first look - the solar water panels have really caught my eye.

Bruce (in Cornwall)

Stuart said...

Glad to hear it all went well. Spotted your link to Solartwin.com in our web stats, so thought I'd have a nose around.

Stuart, the Solar Twin IT guy.