Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday 5th December 09

Quite a late start and when I bumbled down stairs, Gill was talking to one of our neighbours on the sofa. This neighbour has a house near Robin Hood's Bay... and we are wanting to visit for a few days (to get our 'fix' of the place!) so we might be hiring their place.

I got dressed and did some tidying in the conservatory... there's still Cinnamon vine (Dioscorea batata or Chinese Yam) to be removed, and the hundreds of little aerial tubers needed collecting up so I can either replant, distribute or eat!

I found lots of one-year old tubers, just a little bigger than the originally planted aereal tubers:
I then dug up the big two- or three year old tubers from the pots, where they had headed to the bottom of the pot and in one case had circled half-way around, and in another had formed a big blob the the base and is most sculptural:
The tubers are very brittle and one broke as I tried to extract it. So I washed and scraped the roots off this and chopped it into little chunks and fried it in extra virgin olive oil on the woodstove, and it was delicious. The whole family agreed. Gill made a pizza too, which was nice.

In the afternoon, Gill went into town on the bus with the boys to go to Borders where the books are going cheap, as it is probably closing. I spent nearly the whole day inside but this was OK as I got a lot done. I was pleased to receive a phone call from Ben, who purchased two jars of mixed dried fruit yesterday and wanted to order another 6 big jars and 7 small jars, as he thinks these will make original Christmas presents for his family and friends. Sorry if any of them are reading this and the surprise is now not a surprise!

I researched my travel arrangements for the end of next week when I'm delighted that I'm available to go to the AGM of the Community Composting Network and an event the previous day called Growing for Well-Being. I've wanted to attend this for several years but always had work booked.


Vale Royal Environment Network said...

Hi John
I was searching for something else when I came across your post on Dioscorea batata, which is something I'm keen to grow. If you'd like an exchange I've got things like Babington leeks, achoccha, and more - I've listed them on www quosac blogspot com.
I've seen this yam grown in the ground in the UK, up a tall pyramid: but you seem to be doing well in pots there.
Cheers, Anthony

Simon said...

Hi John, I'm another one who'd like to grow chineese yam, if you'd like to do a swap I have some saved seed of cicely, snapdragon, jacobs ladder, rose campion, sweet rocket, love-in-a-mist and opium poppy. Thanks, Simon.

Compost John said...

Hi Anthony, I've just tried to contact you via the Vale Royal EN, so hope you get back to me.

Simon, you were easy to contact since your profile is public and leads to an email, and we've already swapped yamlets for seeds. Thank you!