Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sunday 1st March 09

A very productive day, and for me, pretty peaceful too.

After a civilised start time-wise, I went to the allotment, via Country Fresh where Richard had a little gift for me... an empty cigarette packet!

A couple of weeks ago he'd given me another empty packet, which used to contain 'Natural American Spirit' ciggies which Richard described as 'organic' but in fact, there is no organic certification on the packet. The difference between these and 'normal' fags is that these have no additives and are just cured tobacco leaf, with no 'reconstituted' tobacco and processed stems. Richard reports that it costs about a pound more than normal ones, but has very little taste and he prefers this. Today's offering was a '1st Nation' cigarette packet, which Richard described as 'Fairly Traded'. Actually, these don't have the fair trade logo, although the packet does describe them as 'Ethically Sourced'. Neither of these are safe or healthy, both have tar and Carbon Monoxide and they are an expensive habit. However, I think it'll make an entertaining paid blog post for Community Care. Lots of Social Workers smoke and might, just might, like to have a different sort of 'ethical' cigarette!

Anyway, collected my compostables and a lot of cardboard for mulching. I cycled round along Cemetery Road and down to the bottom entrance of the Low Moor Allotments, so I could go to the lottie shop... and hurrah, I got there in good time, and was able to rejoin the Low Moor Allotment Association, which meant that I could use the shop... I then proceeded to get 10 varieties of potato at £1 per kilo and a collection of seeds, making my bill up to £15.

I had very good session on my allotment... dug out two compost heaps and turned them, did a little bit of weeding and a lot of cutting back loads of marauding brambles. Got back just before 2pm, in time to have lunch, listen to Gardeners Question Time and do a bit of emailing, more stuff on Age of Stupid at City Screen in April.

Then had a good session in the garden, collecting assorted minibeasts for my composting classes tomorrow (kids love minibeasts!) and weeding, tidying, and some shredding too. Dug out my Compostumbler, putting most of its contents in a dalek and some excess in a builders 'dumpy' bag.

Gill made a lovely lasagna for tea, and I lit both stoves , to keep the place warm and as I need a bath tonight as I don't want to smell like a compost heap tomorrow. I watched a good programme on the Keck Telescope with both my boys, which was nice. A harmonious time this evening... and I did my blog on the so-called 'ethical' tobacco.

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