Monday, 9 March 2009

Logpile photos March 2009

This is where it starts... logs arrive here in the front garden and are cut mainly with electric chainsaw and cleaved with a maul or splitting axe.

Logpile in the front garden. This is mainly cherry from Woodlands MS Respite Centre.

Logpile in the back garen, with sacks of aluminium cans ready to be taken to the metal merchant.

This is a large pile of beech, on pallets, in the open air. Note my 'Can O Worms' wormery in the foreground.

Close-up of the centre of the beech pile, with a split round placed back in it's original shape.

Close-up of the split disc of beech trunk.

Logpile under pollarded willow.

Logpiles in the shared pathway between us and our neighbour.

Logpile in the back garden, under a roof.

This is a logpile in the process of being built... the wrong way! To make a stable pile, do not make 'unconnected walls' (here, there are three separate walls) otherwise there is a greater risk of collapse!

Disaster strikes! I was building up the pile in the previous picture and this happened.

Oh dear oh dear! I've a bit of work to do now!

The rebuilt logpile!

Close-up of new logpile.

After I finished rebuilding.

Logpile next to the side of the house with added 'arty detail', pile not yet finished.

Logpile with arty bits.


Anonymous said...

Hope the piles improve soon John!

Mind you, when you drop as many logs as you do........... ;)


James said...


You've got more by your front door than I've got!

We did have a good day of firsts yesterday though.

First lunch from the stove.
First part dinner from the stove.
First toddler milk warmed by the stove.
2 loads of washing dried by the stove.

And plenty of free exersise for me in carrying and chopping wood!

I have a long way to go, to catch up though. No baths from the stove quite yet!


Compost John said...

Robin, your sense of humour just keeps on improving! You should go on stage!
James, this news from you makes me VERY happy... if I have inspired you to use a bit less fossil fuel and replace that with renewables, well, YAY!, this is definitely one reason I write this blog, to show it CAN be done and to encourage others to try. I realise I'm not the only influence, but my voice adds to the general hubbub about living more ethically.
Well done, I'm delighted. Thank you for doing it, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though John, I wish I could make the two dozen pallets in my front driveway look as presentable and rustic as you manage to make your wood supply!

The wife is starting to think that you're a bad influence on me! - in managing the compost bins at my son's school, I have had to resort to scrounging waste fruit and veg from the local greengrocers! (Otherwise the heaps would mainly consist of used paper towels!)Whilst sifting through a half-bag, today, I noticed a considerable amount of still-edible stuff, which is now sitting in our kitchen!!! When I went there this morning he offered me four large full bags but when I went round with the trailer this aft he only had the half bag; apparently the "goat man" had beaten me to it!!

I'm also raiding the bins of the local florists shop! Would you be so kind as to send me my Freegan membership card in the post!