Saturday, 21 March 2009

Friday 20th March 09

A good day, up quite early but Gill took our boyo into school, as she's walking back with four of them! I did a bit around the house and got ready to go to town to do paperwork and meet my visitor. So, popped into see Richard to have a giggle about his more than 15 minutes of fame on Street View and then headed into the Building Society to pay in two cheques and get out one to pay half of our Council Tax. Then to the bank to pay in a SUMA order cheque and the Council Treasury to pay them, and onto the station for 11.30 which is when Chris was supposed to arrive. I met him at the Compost Doctors training a few weeks ago and he seemed like someone I would get on with, so we've connected via Facebook and I offered to show him St Nicks.

Chris turned up at 11.45 and his 2 year old son was very cute! We walked through town and got to St Nicks, the boy having fallen asleep by now. I was able to do a very quick tour... after all he works at Skelton Grange Environment Centre and for a year taught Leeds schools how to compost. Wish he was in York! He took a few photos as inspiration, such as the cut-out dustbin and the Komp 250 compost bin with the perspex front. Got home by 1pm and had lunch together, and then had a walk down the garden to look at all of the various compost bins, wormeries, fruit trees and more. His little boy enjoyed the trampoline.

Chris left at 3ish, as Gill went down to school, and I continued tidying up the back room as we've got a horde of little boys coming... I love the Ewbank!

When Gill and the noisy boyses came back, I went to Somerfield (aka for humour, Scummerfield) and got mayo and chocolate, and then I went down the garden to do more riddling.

Gill made a pizza for tea... not her best as she used goats cheese which was too salty for me.

Happy family today. An excellent day!


James said...

Visited Worm Day at Harlow Carr.

Unimpressed, the Yorkshire Rotters lacked any enthusiasm.

The people from Harlow Carr were better making wormeries out of jars.

Unfortunately our little one had a cold, and did not want to touch worms today. This wasn't hard as they didn't seem to have any.

I think York Rotters would have done a lot better.

Compost John said...

James, thank you for letting us know about this experience. I hope you contact NY Rotters with this feedback, and/or Harlow Carr.

I'm sorry that you've had this experience. Why don't you come over to York and I'll show you what I do in my garden, and show you loads of worms? Bring your family. You know I'd love to meet you, and if you arrange to come here, I'll make sure I haven't got loads of people around me!!!

See you soon, I hope!

Compostwoman said...

Oooh how I wish you both lived nearer....

Compost John said...


Compostwoman said...

Sorry, it was late and I was tired.

I wish *all* of you lived a bit nearer...both you and Gill AND the various people you describe, such as Chris, who are keen on composting...

Your day on Fri sounded my ideal, fun, sort of day....

Must go and dig out more compost now...hope you have another good day today :-)