Thursday, 12 March 2009

Building a logpile, March 09

OK, I've swept up the mess from the last logpile and am ready to start stacking.

Here go the first few.

The view from the side I'm working from, notice the logs placed at right angles to most of the stack, for support.

The next 'wall' beginning to be constructed.

Some good long support logs, should stop the pile from collapsing.

Coming on nicely!

Getting higher!

About halfway..


Ready to use, well, after the pile on the right, which has been stacked under cover for a couple of weeks.


James said...

Very educational. When do the courses start?

You could offer this!

Compost John said...

Thanks James, I know about LILI, they're a good group and this one-day course looks fun, too!

I haven't considered selling my skills and knowledge, unless it's by getting paid to do my Community Care blog....

I really prefer sharing this kind of thing for free, showing people round my house and garden as a friendly gesture, rather than a commercial enterprise.

But it's an idea! Thanks!

Simon said...

Nice pile! Reminds of when I used to run a woodburner, spending time dragging stuff out of the woods and sawing it up. Unfortunatlty i'm now in a smokeless zone and have to use gas.

Compost John said...

Simon! You could still use wood as a heat source... there are plenty of smoke-free woodstoves available now.
I have two 'Clearview' stoves, both very clean burning and officially smoke free, by their clever design of preheating the incoming air and giving it lots of turbulence, so the firebox is extremely hot and turbulent! The logs actually gasify and the gas burns, rather than the wood itself (well, sometimes!) but it is really efficient, and smoke is rarely seen coming out of the chimney.
My mate Robin has a huge 17Kw 'Dunsley Yorkshire' which is smoke free AND runs his radiators and bathwater!
Contact me for more details.
Give up the fossil gas and switch to renewables!

Simon said...

Thanks for the info John, that's good news and something I'd be interested in looking into. However I'm on a very limited budget and have to weigh up the costs - I can't see a price list on the clearview site and with a flue lining as well I imagine it would be a pretty penny! Much as I'd be love to be off-grid I do have to consider these things.
Thanks again, Simon