Thursday, 27 December 2007

Thursday 27th December 07

Not a bad day... spent some of it in the garden... had meant to go to the lottie but the garden beckoned and I did more clearing up and some hedge removal, shredding etc.

After lunch went with boys to Heslington to first see Melody and Simon for an hour. Gill arrived with the Bakewell Tart she's just made and we then went to visit our German friends who are moving to Leamington Spa in a few days. Our boys are friends with theirs, and Katrina and Ulrich are both 'Green', he works for HDRA/Garden Organic and she's a researcher currently looking at invasive plants. Several other people came to the afternoon's soiree, it was very jolly.

Left at about 6pm and zoomed home to light the stove and do a bit of tea for the boyos.

A quiet evening, good film 'The Queen' which was good, then a film/documentary about Greenpeace on C4+1.

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