Sunday, 23 December 2007

Sunday 23rd December 07

A nice little lie-in and then went to deliver the SUMA stuff to one of the people who participates in Holgate, and then went into town to meet Gill and the kids at the fountain in Parliament St. I then took the kids to look for a little something for Gill and she went to find stuff for them.

We met just over an hour later, I then cycled home and she took the boys back on the bus.

I did a little bit of garden work and then went down to see Rashda who has offered me a large pile of garden prunings, some of which are woody and will do for fuel, the rest of which are green and twiggy and will do for shredding and will be good for balancing all the fruit and veg which is currently going in the Compostumbler. Rashda invited me in to see her house, which was very posh, and gave me a delicious Pakistani savoury pancake, which meant I didn't feel like having much tea as it was very filling, almost a meal in itself.

When I got home there'd been a phone call from Anita, one of the other SUMA participants, with an apology that she cannot drive round to pick up her pile of stuff, as she has been 'rear-ended' or 'involved in a shunt' and has suffered a back injury, also the car is out of action. I loaded up the trailer and cycled round to her, and had a good little chat too as well as giving her the order.

Got back home and had a small pile of bulgar wheat and veg with some pickled onions I made last year from waste onions and found in the back of a cupboard recently...

A relaxing evening then ensued. Stoves going, fruit drying, did the washing up and some more preparation of assorted veg and fruit.

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