Sunday, 23 December 2007

Saturday 22nd December 07

Another gig today, in Leeds, so got down to the station by 11ish and got the 11.28, was met in Leeds by one of the dads and driven to the party venue in Lower Wortley. The two birthday girls, both just turned 6, arrived just after I got changed, and I had some fun and silliness with them about them 'being 12' and suchlike. The party went really well, about 35 children and 25 adults, it went perfectly, a real gem of a gig. Nice to have an easy one after the difficult one earlier in the week.

I got taken back to the station and was soon back in York, well it was after 4 so I zoomed back home via Martin's Country Fresh where they had just one sack of compostables for me, but also a whole tray of grapes which are not retail-worthy because some of them have developed white mould, but I'll happily sort through them and make raisins with them.

Home to a happy family who'd been to Pocklington on the bus for a trawl round the many charity shops and locally owned businesses there to find Christmas stuff. We all had tea together, mashed potato and broccoli/cauliflower/sprout cheese.

I went for a lie down after this and fell asleep til 10pm when Gill woke me up and asked if I wanted to come down to spend a bit of evening with her, so watched the last episode of 'Parkinson' with her, cuddling on the couch.

A good day, and last paid work til Xmas day itself.

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