Saturday, 8 December 2007

Saturday 8th December 07

A very cold and wet day working.

Gill and the boys left at 9am in a taxi to drop our eldest off at the Scout Hut in South Bank, so that he can get a lift in the minibus up to Snowball Plantation where he's got a 26 hour 'do', which should be fun despite the weather.

I had a bath in stovewater and was ready by 10am with bike loaded to got to the station and off up to Malton. When I got to the station, Gill was there and ready to plait my hair which was a nice suprise. Got the 10.38 and was in Malton by shortly after 11. Taxi up to Castle Howard with a friendly and talkative Nigerian, and was ready to entertain, ignoring the dreadful weather, by midday. I worked solidly til 3, nipping from cafe to shop to ticket-queuea nd back again, just doing balloon models and about three little bursts of devilsticking.

Got changed again at 3 and the taxi came at 3.30 to get me back to the station in good time for the 4.10 train back. Chatted to a pair of young ladies who'd got the train to Malton by mistake, having meant to go to Darlington.

Cold and wet cycle home where Gill fed me and I sorted out assorted stuff ready for tonight's trip to Beverley and a days entertainment tomorrow.

Got the 8.08 bus which came up the Hull Rd at about 8.20 and I got out in Beverley at 9 10 ish... and made my way to the Cross Keys where a room had been reserved for me. Took a pint to my room and collapsed.

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